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Submitting to Search Engines

The main source of traffic to your Web site on the Internet is through Search Engines. Visitors that reach your Web site through a Search Engine are the targeted visitors that have focused their search using a specific keyword, which is related to your product or service. So, if your Web site is highly ranked in the Search Engine then, theoretically, all the traffic is diverted to your Web site.

Many Web sites are built every day, which gives rise to a large number of competitors, so the question arises how and where to submit your Web site for best results.

What is a Search Engine Submission?

"Search Engine Submission" is referred as an act of registering your Web site with a Search Engine. Submitting a Web site ensures that a Search Engine knows the location of your Web pages on the Internet, but at the same time it does not ensures that the Web pages will be highly ranked. Let us consider an example- You have purchased a lottery ticket. Now, purchasing a lottery ticket does not ensure that you will definitely win but there is a chance that you may win. Ergo, submitting a Web site is similar to purchasing a lottery ticket.

Listing Your Web Site

You can register your Web site in a Search Engine either on a payment for a yearly tenure or for free. The paid programs speed up the listing process and guarantees that most of the traffic will be diverted to your Web site. For paid programs, the user should analyze the budget before submitting their site to any Search Engine.

Other Web Site Listing Methods

Another method of submitting your Web site is through the "Open Directory". Open Directory is a volunteer-built guide on the Internet. In the Open Directory system, submission is absolutely free but there is no guarantee that your site will be listed. Moreover, you need to submit only the home page of your Web site. If your site is accepted then it takes about three weeks to appear on the Internet. The most well-known and the most comprehensive one of these is

The last method of submitting your Web site is through a Crawler-based Search Engine. These automatically visit and rank your Web site. Some of the popular Crawler-based Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Teoma, and MSN. You can search Web pages on the Internet by using the Power Search feature or by specifying the command URL: yourlocationhere in the search field.

Doorway Pages

While submitting a Web site to the Search Engine, Webmasters should also submit Doorway pages. These pages are also referred to as jump, gateway, or entry pages. Doorway pages are especially designed for Search Engines targeting one to three keywords. These pages usually focus on some text or link that attracts visitors to the Web site and are not indexed in the Search Engine.

Submission of a Web site to a Search Engine should be done carefully. Since, a Search Engine is a computer program with a limited understanding of a Web page, it will always search for a specific keyword. So it.s a good idea to include a keyword in logical sentences. Good Web site design and the quality content can catapult your Web site to a high ranking on a Search Engine.

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