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Top Search Engines to Promote Your Site

Like all humans, you have Search Engines (SE) that are good, bad, or downright rotten. So instead of wasting time with the losers, you need to focus on the winners and go-getter SE, who will pass on more than an eenie-weenie trickle of visitors to your site.

Here, we will only focus those 3 Search Engines that are the first among equals. These SE have been selected because they:
  • Have a high ranking in the number of referrals they produce
  • Offer submissions for free
  • It is also important to note that the following have been excluded:

  • Directories
  • PPC or pay per click
  • Paid SE
  • SE without their own databases like AOL and MSN
  • Also, since the Internet is in a constant state of flux, it is quite possible that today's non-entity SE becomes tomorrow's champ trawler. So please keep yourself up-to-date and visit this page regularly. Having said everything that this article is not about, lets get down to the brass-SE-tacks.


    Consider this to be SE #1 to 10. The undisputed raja of all SE. Most web sites traffic comes through Google and it also provides the secondary results at Yahoo - that's primarily because of the high quality engine it uses. Also, websites in the highly competitive keyword domain can get a good Page Rank (or PR). Top-notch reasons for you to examine and understand Google's algorithm and get your website up-to-speed on it ASAP.

    Submit to Google at


    The baby heir to the SE throne. Its small, quick, and deadly accurate. It provides search results for large portals like Lycos. It has its very own search service called AllTheWeb, with a faithful fan following in its own right. Its search results are also known to be similar to Google, as they may have equivalent algorithms.

    Submit to FAST at


    AV - as it was fondly known during its heydays in the year 2000 - is actually a good search engine to submit your site only if you are sure it won't hamper your PR in other SE. It may send a trickle of visitors to your site, but at least you are safe in the knowledge that your efforts haven not been a complete waste, because this search engine is bound to outlast most other fly-by-night SE that come, sparkle and meander down into the gaping black hole of the Internet.

    Submit to Altavista at

    You can submit to all the search engines above, but the absolute focus of your submissions should be on Google. This list may be short since many search engines have come and gone, and am sure others will come and go again. However, these 3 SEs have remained steadfast for a considerable period of time. So they seem to be the most important search engines if you want to increase your page ranking and effectively promote your site.

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