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Welcome to! This site was created with a goal of helping webmasters get the most revenue out of their websites. Here you will find dozens of ad networks, neatly arranged into categories and ruthlessly reviewed. Our reviews are not advertizing pitches - we will list every downside, even for programs we recommend. In fact we believe our reviews to be the most detailed ad network reviews available on the web.


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CPA (2)
(Cost Per Action) Networks that pay out based on an "action" -- meaning that a user must sign-up to the offer or perform any other sort of action specified by an advertizer.

CPM (4)
(Cost per 1,000 Impressions) Networks that pay out based on a number of exposures of a campaign.

CPC (7)
(Cost Per Click) Networks that pay based on a number of times your visitors clicked on the advertizing.

Ad network (4)
A general ad network that supports a variety of types of advertizing campaigns. They will generally provide you with some tools for rotating their ads, and selecting ads that run on your website.

Affiliate Program (2)
A network that has access to product-specific campaigns. The payout is usually a percentage of the revenue generated by merchandize sold on the site.

PopUps/PopUnders (3)
A network that pays for a number of Pop-Up or Pop-Under windows displayed on the site.

Banners (6)
A network that serves standard 468x60 banner campaigns.

SkyScrapers (4)
An ad network that serves skyscraper (vertical) ads.

Text Links/Ads (4)
A program that pays you for putting simple text links on your pages. Once your visitors click on a link, or on a page that a link leads to, you get paid.

Interstitials (1)
An ad-network that serves interstitial ads. Interstitials are full-screen ads that are displayed for a few seconds before a visitor is being redirected to the target page.

Rectangles (4)
A network that serves rectangle "box" ads (usually, 300x250 or 250x250 pixels in size).

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